My aims in life are to live well, keep growing, and be of some value. My obsessions* are reading, writing, hopping around a myriad of topics, and making multidisciplinary connections. They seem to go together well so far, and this blog is the extension and expression of those aims and obsessions of mine. This is the repository of my curiosity, appreciation and reflection.

About me

My name is Marian Suwono. I read obsessively, work as (and dress like) an engineer, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu regularly, and play a few music instruments.

I love digging into a certain world and find the best works and practitioners of that particular world to learn from. Over these years I’ve found time to dig a little deeper into music, philosophy, business, engineering, martial arts, and history, and less deep in many other topics that appear in my reading list and writing. I’ll never stop digging.

I’m not sure if I’m really a nerd but it doesn’t matter much. I brainstormed for names for many days and this name came up and sounded better than the rest. The words “whole” and “new”, when understood separately (instead of “whole new”), have a Renaissance ring to it, and it was intended because I’ve always thought that becoming a Renaissance person is a worthy aspiration.

I was born in Jakarta. When I was 15, the Singapore Government invited me (and many others) to study in their wonderful city-state. Ten years later I’m still here.

*Obsession is a strong word. I decided to use it cautiously only after reflecting over my 20+ years of life: 1) my parents had to limit my reading when I was a kid 2) thoughts come to me daily and when one comes, it keeps coming until I put it down in words 3) I spent my early to mid teen reading about eel farming, landscape gardening, meditation, jazz and rock guitarists, Nietzsche, etc and the trend is still going strong.


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